Hello, Welcome to LoadSafe New Zealand, New Zealand’s specialist for upgrading GVM’s and axle weight limits.

LoadSafe NZ has partnered with a leading European Vehicle Consultancy to bring European TÜV approved documentation that enables vehicles such as Motorhomes, Vans, Horseboxes and Cab / Chassis, to be re-rated to a higher Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) with increased axle weights to New Zealanders.

We are also suppliers of the world class VB-AirSuspension from the Netherlands. VB-AirSuspension not only manufacturer air suspensions, but cover the range from helper coil springs right through to complete retrofit Full Air suspension units. All suspensions are TÜV type approved for each vehicle type they are designed for, to ensure your continuing safety. Check our Available Models and Shop pages to see what’s available for which vehicle model, or check with us.

Is your Motorhome or Light Commercial Vehicle overweight? ie exceeding its Gross Vehicle Mass and / or allowable axle(s) weight limit. Not sure, either way, you have found the right website to visit. Don’t wait to find out you are overweight and parked up on the side of the road having to unload before you can continue, or having an expensive fine to pay. Being overweight is dangerous, plus your insurance company may decline your claim as it was not being operated within compliance of the relevant legislation.

Operating overweight has a direct effect on safety & comfort. Lack of knowledge of the vehicle load capacity is often the cause for this overloading. In many instances the vehicle is packed without realising the consequences.

By re-rating your vehicle, it will be safer at these higher weights as additional suspension components will be fitted to support the extra weight. Advantages of fitting air suspension and re-rating your vehicle are

  • Improved safety
  • Enhanced ride comfort
  • More payload
  • Upgraded axle loads

Do you know your weights? Are you running over weight? (If you don’t know what your legal maximums are, read this page on chassis rating plates)

Do you need more Payload?

Do you want to be safe?

If any of these apply to you, the vehicles we can Up-Rate are listed in the Vehicles menu above. More vehicles will be added in the future.

To enable your vehicle to be re-rated we will need information from you. As we assess each vehicle individually, please complete the form available in the link below and email it to us along with the photos and weights as requested. Each vehicle will be assessed against our database of approvals to determine the maximum weights possible for your vehicle. All axle components ie, Axle, Suspension, Rims and Tyres need to have a sufficient rating to cover the new weights. The final rating for each axle will be the lessor component rating of the four items listed above. You may need to replace your rims and tyres for higher rated items to achieve the best outcome. Speak to us for options available.

Vehicle Information Sheet.pdf

Note, if your GVM is increasing from 3500 kg or less to over 3500 kg, your vehicle will now require COF inspections every 6 months. 

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