Especially for the coil sprung light commercial vehicles VB-Airsuspension can supply a full automatic rear-axle air-suspension called VB-NivoAir, from the end of 2005. The VB-NivoAir will keep the rear of the vehicle at a constant ride-height, independent of the load. Furthermore the VB-NivoAir – as every full rear-axle air-suspension system of VB-Airsuspension – will establish a higher comfort in driving and a more stable drivability (especially heavy loaded vehicles), thus a safer behaviour of the vehicle. Lowering the ride-height is very easy with the VB-NivoAir and there is no need to make additional cost (when mentioned during assembly). Therefore you can drive a ‘lowered car’ without having to cut back on comfort. Plus, you can load your vehicle to the maximum without any problems. The VB-NivoAir is supplied as a complete kit. The fitting can be done without welding, cutting, grinding or drilling on or in the vehicle

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