Below are some of the comments we have received from our satisfied customers

Have been very impressed with your service completing the GVM increase, and look forward to recommending your services to other friends etc.  Gary.

Drives very well, a lot more stable.The fitting instructions are quite clear. Kirk. Fiat Ducato ALKO chassis with rear axle VB Semi Air

I have got the airbags fitted to our motorhome and yes I believe it is money well spent, seems to ride a lot softer although not loaded up properly yet, I have no doubt that it will be about 150% better.Thank you very much for getting them to me so quickly. Arthur. Fiat Ducato with rear axle VB Semi Air

Just picked up motorhome with (air)bags at 2 bar. Driving comfort is significantly better!. Gus. Fiat Ducato with rear axle VB Semi Air

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