VB-FullAir is an automatic, adjustable solution for suspension problems. The existing leaf or coil spring suspension is replaced with a full air suspension system. This system includes air springs, shock absorbers, height sensors, a compressor and an electronic control unit (VB-ASCU). The air suspension system filters out unevenness in the road surface, improving ride comfort.

While driving, the vehicle will constantly remain at the ride height set by VB-Airsuspension during installation. The driveability and stability of the vehicle are improved, which in turn increases safety. When the vehicle is at a standstill (in some cases with the handbrake on), the entry/loading platform height can be increased and decreased to comfortably enter and exit the vehicle and for goods to be conveniently loaded and unloaded.

Full air 4C is a full air suspension for both the front and rear axle, for models released by the car manufacturer after 2006. With the VB-FullAir 4C the 2 airbags are individually controlled on each wheel hence the name 4C.

VB Full Air 4C on both the front and rear axle of a Fiat Ducato

A special handheld has been developed for the motorhome to operate the 4 corner Full Air 4C, image below.

VB-Air Suspension full air suspension is also available as –

  • VB-FullAir 2C is a full air suspension system for the front axle or rear axle
  • VB-FullAir 3C is a semi air suspension system for the front axle and a full air suspension system for the rear axle

Benefits of VB-FullAir:

  • Constant ride height
  • Increased comfort
  • Optimum drive ability
  • Increased stability
  • Comfortable ride for passengers
  • Kneeling function to facilitate easy entry and exit to/from the vehicle
  • Better protection for fragile/delicate goods
  • Kneeling function for convenient loading and unloading of goods
  • Less wear on tyres/brakes
  • More environmentally friendly, reduced CO2 emissions
  • Spare wheel remains under the vehicle
  • Constant ride height and increased comfort
  • Optimum drive ability and increased stability
  • Kneeling function to facilitate easy entry and exit to and from the vehicle
  • Less wear on tyres and brakes
  • More environmentally friendly, reduced CO2 emissions

For the VB-FullAir, an integral air suspension for the front and rear axle, a new electronic control system has been developed, the VB-ASCU-4C (VB-Air Suspension Control Unit-4 Corner), which automatically controls the driving level of the motorhome. 4 Corner represents 4 corners of the car, so both axes, both left and right. This constant checking and correcting (independent of the degree of loading, in the longitudinal and transverse direction and of the height of the center of gravity) automatically ensures safer vehicle behavior and a reduced risk for the driver, the camper and the installation and the load.

When stationary, the ride height can be adjusted manually, whereby an extreme lowering of the rear of the chassis / load floor is standard among the possibilities of the system.

Remote control Camper

A remote control has been developed especially for the motorhome with the following functions

Special features of the VB-FullAir System

Ferry function This function can automatically raise the rear axle and lower the front axle of the motorhome. This increases the ground clearance at the rear of the vehicle, meaning the entrance and exit to a ferry can be taken easily.

Water drain function This option allows the motorhome to be tilted to one side. The slope facilitates the rapid draining of sewage and waste water tanks. Lowers the height of the vehicle as far as possible to make entering and exiting the vehicle easier.

Garage function This function can automatically raise the front axle and lower the rear axle of the motorhome. The rear of the vehicle lowers to the maximum, allowing the garage to be loaded easily.

OffRoad The vehicle is raised to the maximum possible height to achieve ground clearance on uneven terrain.

Sport* Sport mode not only makes the vehicle more aerodynamic, it also increases the vehicle’s stability. The vehicle’s behaviour and safety also improve if a more aggressive driving style is called for. 
* only for van

Options features of the VB-FullAir System

Auto Level This option includes a digital levelling function which can set your vehicle level (as far as the spring travel permits) at the touch of a button.

Emergency valve kit By using two inflation valves the air suspension can be filled when having an electronic malfunction or when the compressor has a failure. By using an external air supply the vehicle can be lifted again to ride-height and the end-user can drive to the nearest workshop.

Youtube Video of VB Active Air Safety Testing

VB FullAir General Information
Active Air General Information

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