Why consider VB Air Suspension?

All the kits manufactured by VB Air Suspension bolt-on to existing chassis mounting points and require no welding, cutting or drilling so your vehicle warranty remains intact.

Crucially all  VB Air Suspension kits come with TÜV Type approvals for the vehicle they are designed to fit to meaning you can be confident that they are a quality product and safe.

VB-Airsuspension has been awarded a range of approvals 

VB-Airsuspension received not only a certificate for VB-Airsuspension as a company, from the German TÜV, but also “type approvals” for each kit type. These declare that the quality of our products have been checked and approved by the TÜV.

VB-Airsuspension also has an approval from the Dutch RDW, that means VB-Airsuspension have been officially recognized as a vehicle manufacturer.

Car manufacturers
VB-Airsuspension is the first company in Europe to have received an approval/ acknowledgement for its air-suspension systems from DaimlerChrysler AG in Stuttgart, Germany. This means that Mercedes-Benz acknowledge the quality, comfort and handling performance of the VB-Airsuspension system. VB-Airsuspension are an OEM supplier to Mercedes-Benz as well.

Since August 2005 VB-Airsuspension have also held an approval / acknowledgement from Volkswagen AG for their products.

From Renault VB-Airsuspension recently received the ‘Agrément Carrossier’: the highest acknowledgment achievable from Renault, in terms of quality approval, and further confirmation that VB-Airsuspension is held in the highest regard by the major vehicle manufacturers.

In addition, VB-Airsuspension have a ‘Letter of Non-Objection’ from several other brands. The relevant vehicle manufacturer hereby indicates that they have no objection to a VB-Airsuspension air suspension under their vehicles.

In October 2019, VB-Suspension successfully concluded an audit for Ford Europe’s Qualified Vehicle Modifier programme. ‘Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifiers’ are recognised conversion specialists who offer customised solutions in accordance with the quality and safety standards of Ford Commercial Vehicles. Following an individual assessment, it was concluded that we meet the highest requirements in terms of production, development and quality, that we offer extensive customer support and that the conversion has a guarantee equal to that of Ford.

In September 2019, VB-Airsuspension received approval from the PSA. Last May, Bureau Veritas conducted an audit at our company on behalf of the PSA Group (Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobiles, Opel and Vauxhall). An audit is a systematic and independent examination carried out by an auditor. Audits are carried out to demonstrate reliability and provide assurance to third parties. After all, we all want to do business with reliable partners. During the audit, it was checked whether, among other things, all processes and products meet the high quality requirements that the PSA Group imposes on its suppliers. We are proud to announce that the audit went well and that we are officially certified.

This certification is an agreement between the PSA Group and VB-Airsuspension, which guarantees that the quality of the conversion meets the high quality standards of the PSA Group. You can be rest assured that a vehicle adapted to your specific needs is as reliable and guaranteed as any other vehicle in the PSA Group.

VB Air Suspension has also recently celebrated 30 years in business, so this all means that they have a lot of experience in building suspensions that are manufactured right for your vehicle with quality materials and workmanship. Click here to read VB’s 25 years of history newsletter.


As a motorhome or LCV owner, you will have no doubt experienced intense crosswinds while driving, and when overtaking trucks. At any speed your vehicle can become unstable. With air suspension your vehicle is more stable and less sensitive to crosswinds.

With its high centre of gravity your motorhome can lean and roll when cornering which is unpleasant and unsafe for you and your passengers. When air suspension is installed in your motorhome you will notice a significant reduction of leaning and rolling when cornering.

Perfect ride height

The weight of a vehicle can vary depending on whether it is fully loaded or not. When fully loaded, you are driving your vehicle on the bump stops and because the steel suspension cannot be adjusted you feel every crack, hole and undulation in the road. When unladen, your vehicle can feel light and unstable.  With air suspension the air bags can be inflated manually or automatically depending on the system you choose. Whether fully laden or unladen your vehicle will be at a perfect ride height with an even distribution of weight.

VB-FullAir – benefits

VB-FullAir is a fully automatic (adjustable) solution for suspension problems.

The existing leaf, coil-spring or torsion bar suspension is replaced by a complete air-suspension system (including air springs, shock absorbers, a compressor and an electronic control unit). The new air-spring system is controlled electronically via height sensors, a central control unit and a compressor and valve block.

These systems are available: the rear axle only or front only (VB-FullAir 2C), and both front and rear axles (VB-FullAir 4C).

On the road

  • Road holding and stability is greatly improved as is comfort.
  • The VB-FullAir system automatically monitors and corrects your vehicle’s ride height. This ongoing process of monitoring and correction makes your ride comfortable and safe, whether your vehicle is empty or fully laden.
  • Ferry Mode. This raises the back of your vehicle allowing for clearance when going up and down ramps.
  • Off Road gives a higher vehicle and more ground clearance for off road terrain up to a driving speed of approx. 25km/h.

When stationary

  • Tilt Function. This enables the waste-water tank to be emptied in a faster, cleaner and much more efficient manner by leaning the vehicle to one side.
  • It is possible to raise and lower the height to ease loading and unloading.
  • Auto Level means an end to manual levelling and chocks. With the one-touch “Auto Level” function, VB Air Suspension 4C air suspension ensures that your vehicle finds its perfect level quickly and easily. 

VB-SemiAir benefits

VB-SemiAir suspension has been designed for vehilces with heavy, or uneven loading, or for applications where the maximum payload is required for your vehicle.


  • The standard leaf springs are not necessarily designed to cope effectively with full axle loading all the time and often the standard suspension can struggle. VB-SemiAir provides a cost effective way of uprating the suspension to cope with a range of loading requirements.VB-SemiAir-icon
  • It acts as a helper to the original rear springs, keeping the vehicle level and stable. Even when your vehicle is fully laden, each air bellow on either side of the vehicle can be individually controlled for even ride height.

VB-Coilsprings benefits

  • Many vehicles sag at the front, nose down, suffering from excess weight, making them more likely to hit the bump stops.  Uprated coilsprings can provide a 50mm-80mm increase in ride height. This increases the clearance and stability of the vehicle
  • They work well in conjunction with the FullAir and SemiAir systems at the rear.

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