225/70 R 15 TYRES

If you have an X250 / X290 with 15″ rims and are upgrading the rear axle weight limit to 2240 kg you will need tyres and rims with the appropriate rating of 112 or more (1120kg or greater)

Note, the factory 15″ steel rims only have a rating of 1000 kg each = 2000 kg  total for the axle. The steel 15″ rim at the bottom of the page is rated to 1120 kg each and is a suitable replacement to achieve an axle rating of 2240 kg.

Below is a list of some 15″ tyres that have the minimum rating of 112 (1120 kg) each.

All tyres below are 225/70 R15, 112/110 rated, unless otherwise stated

Annaite AN900

Bridgestone R623

Firemax FM913 & FM916

Firestone CV4000

Goodride SC301

Goodyear Cargo Marathon 2

GT Radial Maxmiler Pro GT

Hankook Vantra RA18

Imperial Tyres Ecovan2

Landsail LSV88

Laufenn LV01

Michelin Agilis Plus GRNX

Nankang CW25

Roadstone CP321

Rydanz Raxus R07

Toyo HO8

Triangle Milage Plus TR652

Windforce Milemax

Winrun R 350

Argonite RV4T – 116 rated

Kumho KC53 –  116/114 rated

Petlas PT825 – 116 rated

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