60C-70C SEMI AIR KIT 2006 on – Front Axle

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VB-SemiAir Comfort Kit – Front Axle

Please note: this kit only fits A-Class motorhomes, not cab/chassis variants

The VB-SemiAir basic system is made up of 2 air springs, fasteners and 2 inflation valves.
You pressurise the VB-SemiAir basic system yourself using an external air supply, such as a tyre inflator.

The VB-SemiAir basic system is a good option for vehicles that always carry a heavy load and that occasionally carry variable loads (the pressure can stay the same more or less all of the time).

Kit contains

  • 2 x air springs (depending on the vehicle)
  • Fasteners and brackets
  • Air tubes
  • 2 inflation valves
  • Detailed fitting instructions
  • User manual
  • TÜV type approval documentation for the suspension to your vehicle

Please allow 8 weeks for the kit to arrive in New Zealand from the overseas wholesaler.

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Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 35 cm

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