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Full Air-Suspension is an ideal solution for the suspension problems that are created when vehicles that can carry load are sold in to multiple markets.

Therefore upgrading the suspension places the travel back into the mid range of the travel, allowing compression and extension of the wheel to keep in contact with the road for longer; improving grip/traction and control whist keeping the ride smooth.

The existing leaf- or coil-spring will be disassembled for a full-air-suspension system. This kit contains the following parts air-bellows, shock absorbers, compressor and an electrical control unit. The air-suspension system more or less filters the unevenness of the road which increases comfort.

The vehicle stays on the drive-height set by VB-Air suspension with fitting of the set. This driving height is lower then the original height of the unloaded vehicle what increases the stability and road handling of the vehicle. The vehicle level can be changed manually with the standard handheld when the vehicle stands still; therefore lowering of the chassis/ load platform is one of the systems standard possibilities.

Advantages of Full Air air-suspension

  • Your vehicle has a constant driving height, which is even lower as the original driving height of the unloaded vehicle
  • Better road handling and stability of the vehicle, what offers the driver the a safer feeling.
  • The air-suspension system filters the unevenness of the road which increases comfort.
  • Raising / kneeling facility for easy loading and / ore unloading the vehicle.
  • Better ride comfort with constant ride height
  • Less body roll
  • Better braking and increased fuel economy
  • Huge improvement to ‘turn in’ and cornering capability
  • Less Tyre Wear
  • Less crashing over Iron works and Bumps/pot holes
  • Ability to raise or lower suspension

VB-FullAir Control Unit
The VB-FullAir system comes with an electronic control unit called VB-ASCU (VB-Air Suspension Control Unit). This unit automatically monitors and corrects the vehicle’s ride height. This ongoing process of monitoring and correction – which is unaffected by the load being transported – ensures safer vehicle handling and increases comfort.
The electronic control unit is compatible with the vehicle electronics and ESC system of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Thanks to the range of different software variants, the VB-FullAir system can be adapted to specific vehicle applications. The use of the Internet helps to provide support across the globe.
Changing the height
The entry/loading platform height can be raised or lowered when the vehicle is at a standstill, allowing passengers to comfortably enter and exit the vehicle and goods to be conveniently loaded and unloaded.

The VB-FullAir system can be used for a wide range of situations and applications:
• Ambulances
• Car transporters
• Commercial vehicles
• Motorhomes
• Animal transport
• Offroad vehicles
• Transportation of passengers
• Emergency rescue vehicles
• Wheelchair accessible vehicles
• Service vehicles

Please contact LoadSafe New Zealand for current pricing and availability.

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