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Fits Mercedes Benz Sprinter & Volkswagen Crafter Front axle from 2006-2016 Models 2xx-5xx

Air suspension is recommended for many suspension problems, for example because it must be possible to lower the vehicle or the load is constantly changing, but in certain situations a reinforced replacement or helper spring (VB-CoilSpring) is exactly the right solution.

A reinforced replacement spring and/or helper spring supports and strengthens the existing suspension on the vehicle. The VB-CoilSpring returns the vehicle to the original (or a higher) ride height, increasing stability and, to a certain extent, the level of comfort. The VB-CoilSpring is a good option for vehicles that are always heavily laden. This is because the reinforcement to the spring force is permanent and cannot be adjusted.

Mounting reinforced coil or leaf springs is a non-adjustable solution for suspension problems. An additional spring is mounted to the existing coil or leaf spring(s). Reinforced springs will usually ensure that the vehicle returns to its original ride height ( if not higher), thus increasing the suspension travel and improving stability. This adjustment will however make the suspension more rigid ( harder) and therefore reduces the ride comfort. This solution is often used for vehicles that are constantly heavily laden.

Note, in some cases wheel spacers are needed for installation which will require certification

Please allow 2 weeks for the kit to arrive in New Zealand from the overseas wholesaler.

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