X62 MASTER / MOVANO / NV400 VB FullAir 2C – RWD – Rear Axle

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Full air suspension for the rear axle, for models released by the car manufacturer after 2006. At the VB-FullAir 2C there are 2 height controls, 1 at each wheel hence the name 2C.

Advantages of a full air suspension:

A constant ride height

The electronic control ensures that, regardless of the loading condition, the vehicle always has the ride height set by VB-Airsuspension. With a maximum load of the vehicle, the rear will therefore not “hang”. The constant driving height also has a positive influence on fuel consumption.

To ensure that the braking pressure corresponds to the vehicle’s loading condition, an ALR unit is installed (if the vehicle has an ALR) which, depending on the air pressure in the bellows, adjusts the correct braking pressure.

Adjustable load floor height

The air suspension system is equipped with a level switch as standard. This switch offers the possibility (if the parking brake is applied) to change the height of the rear of the vehicle (lowering / rising). For example, loading and unloading or connecting and uncoupling a trailer can be simplified.

Better handling

The use of an air suspension system in most cases requires adaptation to the dampers. VB-Airsuspension supplies the right set of dampers with every air suspension system so that the vehicle gets better road holding and becomes more stable. Due to the improved road holding, the tire wear will decrease.

Better stability

Due to the unique construction of VB-Airsuspension, every air suspension system has an integrated stabilizer. This increases the stability of the vehicle, and thereby contributes to the sense of safety that the driver must have when driving in a vehicle.

More comfort

An air suspension system filters the unevennesses from the road surface, so that less energy (vibrations) is transmitted to the passengers. This is experienced as particularly pleasant and causes a less tired feeling. Partly for this reason, more and more car manufacturers are switching to air suspension.

The VB-FullAir system can be used for a wide range of situations and applications:
• Ambulances
• Car transporters
• Commercial vehicles
• Motorhomes
• Animal transport
• Offroad vehicles
• Transportation of passengers
• Emergency rescue vehicles
• Wheelchair accessible vehicles
• Service vehicles

A optional spare wheel bracket maybe required

Please contact LoadSafe New Zealand for current pricing and availability.

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